Bring your own scan infrastructure (BYOSI)

If you prefer to scan the files on your own infrastructure, you can run attachmentAV-compatible scan infrastructure yourself.

We support running attachmentAV compatible scan infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Do we miss a cloud platform? Let us know!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) (#)

  1. Start by following the bucketAV Setup Guide (we recommend using bucketAV powered by Sophos®).
    1. Install bucketAV, but skip all steps after Install bucketAV.
    2. Choose delivery method Dedicated public VPC.
  2. Install the asynchronous HTTPS API Add-On.
    1. Set the ApiKeys parameter to a random value. The random value is referred to as Scan infrastructure API key.
    2. Once installation is complete, the ApiEndpoint output is referred to as Scan infrastructure API endpoint URL.
  3. Proceed with the attachmentAV installation.

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