attachmentAV for Atlassian Confluence Setup Guide

Install (#)

You can install attachmentAV - Antivirus for Confluence in one minute:

  1. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Press the Try it free button.

After installation, all uploaded attachments are scanned. Clean files are labeled with attachmentav:clean.

Clean Confluence attachments

By default, infected uploads are deleted with a comment to notify the user about the mitigation action.

Infected Confluence attachment

You can change the defaults at any time.

Configure (#)

Go to Settings.

Go to Settings

Navigate to Manage apps, click on the attachmentAV - Antivirus for Confluence app, and click Configure.

Manage Apps

Change the configuration and click Submit.


The changes are in effect immediately.

Uninstall (#)

To cancel your attachmentAV - Antivirus for Confluence subscription to an app, go to Settings > Manage apps, select the attachmentAV app, then select Unsubscribe.

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