attachmentAV for Atlassian Confluence Setup Guide


You can install attachmentAV - Antivirus for Confluence in one minute:

  1. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Press the Try it free button.

After installation, all uploaded attachments are scanned. Clean files are labeled with attachmentav:clean.

Clean Confluence attachments

By default, infected uploads are deleted with a comment to notify the user about the mitigation action.

Infected Confluence attachment

You can change the defaults at any time.


Go to Settings.

Go to Settings

Navigate to Manage apps, click on the attachmentAV - Antivirus for Confluence app, and click Configure.

Manage Apps

Change the configuration and click Submit.


The changes are in effect immediately.


To cancel your attachmentAV - Antivirus for Confluence subscription to an app, go to Settings > Manage apps, select the attachmentAV app, then select Unsubscribe.

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