attachmentAV for WordPress Setup Guide

Protect your blog from malware. Scan attachments for viruses, worms, and trojans by sending them to the attachmentAV API powered by Sophos.

Install (#)

Open the admin area of your WordPress blog. And go to Plugins.

Search for attachmentav and press the Install Now button.

Enable the plugin by clicking the Activate link.

Follow the Settings link to configure the plugin.

An API key is required. Follow the Subscribe to attachmentAV link.

Press the Create subscription button.

After successfully subscribing to the attachmentAV API the API key is shown. You will also recieve the API key -which might be called license key as well- via email. Copy the API key. That’s 7466e1832968c61a220480f6c2b397a3 in our example.

Go back to the settings page of the attachmentAV plugin and paste the API key. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

That’s it, attachmentAV is now protecting your blog from malware!

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