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Malware protection for Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM)

Scan attachments for viruses, worms, and trojans. attachmentAV detects malware in real-time and mitigates the risk.

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How it works

Fast, easy, and smart.

How it works
  • Customer uploads file
  • attachmentAV scans file
  • attachmentAV deletes infected file
  • attachmentAV adds comment with scan result to page

Key Benefits



Enable malware protection with a few clicks. Fully managed anti-malware service.

Up-to-date virus database

Up-to-date Malware Database

The signatures are updated continuously to protect you against the latest threats.



Uploaded files are scanned within seconds to detect malware as quickly as possible.

Automated mitigation

Automated Mitigation

attachmentAV deletes and notifies about infected files.

Secure the Cloud

Atlassian does not scan your attachments!

Advanced Malware Protection

Real-time scanning of Jira attachments using Sophos' leading antivirus engine. Immediate zero-day protection with an up-to-date malware signature database ensures your files remain secure from the latest threats.

Customizable Automated Threat Response

Tailor your security approach with options to automatically delete infected files or notify users via Jira issue comments. This automated mitigation reduces risk and saves time in managing potential threats.

Seamless Integration and Management

Simple installation and maintenance-free operation. Includes a hosted malware scan API with the option for self-hosting on AWS, providing flexibility and control while maintaining ease of use.

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