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Malware protection for WordPress

Protect your blog from malware. Scan attachments for viruses, worms, and trojans by sending them to the attachmentAV API powered by Sophos.

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How it works

Fast, easy, and smart.

How it works
  • User uploads attachment
  • WordPress plugin sends attachment to attachmentAV API
  • File gets scanned by Sophops
  • Plugin rejects infected file

Key Benefits



Enable malware protection with a few clicks. Fully managed anti-malware service.

Up-to-date virus database

Up-to-date Malware Database

The signatures are updated continuously to protect you against the latest threats.



Uploaded files are scanned within seconds to detect malware as quickly as possible.

Automated mitigation

Automated Mitigation

attachmentAV deletes and notifies about infected files.

Secure the Cloud

Protect your blog from malware!

SEO Ranking

You will lose search traffic when search engines detect that your blog provides infected files for download.

Zero Trust

WordPress is perfect for collaboration. But can you be sure that all employees have configured modern virus protection? It's better to scan all attachments before publishing.

Trusted Solution

attachmentAV powered by Sophos protects your blog from malware with the help of an up-to-date threat database and advanced detection algorithms.

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